Eugeniusz Dębski (writer / Poland)

If there are personalities that do not need to be introduced to Polish fantasy fans, Eugeniusz Dębski should open this list. He is the author of nearly 30 science-fiction, fantasy and science-fiction novels; he has created alternative stories and has also published over 100 short stories in various magazines. He is best known for his series of novels about detective Owen Yeates and his fantasy stories about the warrior Hondelyk. However, in his latest book, which premiered on February 15, he embarks on an almost mainstream romance and tells the story of a would-be Nobel Prize winner. Come to the meeting if you want to know:
what is his latest book about and whether Olga Tokarczuk inspired Dębski, or Dębski inspired Tokarczuk;
why the media are the most important force in the reality that surrounds us;
what is it like to leave fantasy and go to the mainstream, and is Eugeniusz Dębski giving up literary fiction from now on?

We will also ask Eugeniusz Dębski how the Polish fantasy scene has changed during his almost 40 years of writing career. So if you are a fantasy or science fiction fan and you can’t miss this meeting!



Picture taken at athe author’s meeting about his book “Kogel-Nobel” (published by Warstwy). The meeting was held as part of the PROZA Literary Club at the Wrocław House of Literature.

Photo: Max Pflegel