Grzegorz Wielgus (writer / Poland)

Grzegorz Wielgus says about himself that he’s an expert in digging in the ground with a spade. He made his debut with the “Crusader”, but it was his series about Friar Gotfried that made readers turn their attention to him. “A Cracked Crown” and “Devil’s Words” set in the medieval world told about the fate of an experienced inquisitor and a member of the Dominican Order. This year Grzegorz Wielgus returns with the crime novel “Saal”, which will be published a few days before Focon – on April 20. The author has also repeatedly published short stories in magazines: Creatio Fantastica, Biały Kruk, Silmaris, Histeria, Szortal and Abyssos.

In reviews of his books you can read:
The Crusader is a heavy reading. When I use the term “heavy” here, I mean that the book touches the sensitive strings that define humanity.
Their [heroes of the Cracked Crown – ed. ed.] sense of humor gets to me and I feel the same distance to myself and the world as the Witcher Geralt.
The historical background (…) is unique. I am impressed by the proficiency with which the author interweaves historical threads with the world of fantastic beliefs.
Devil’s Word is a very good adventure book, especially for lovers of historical novels. This story stands out in many ways, especially from contemporary Polish literature of this type, and is definitely worth attention.

During the meeting, you will have the opportunity to ask Grzegorz about his latest book – Saal, about medieval stories and why, as a history lover, he is legally banned from approaching the Renaissance era. 😉