Mateusz Szymański (computer games / Poland)

For sure, many times your attention was drawn to how realistic the sounds made by monsters are in games. But… they don’t exist in reality! So how do you know if they are screeching, groaning, howling or failing? How is it that you feel as if there is nothing more natural in the world than the sound of a striga? Our guest – Mateusz Szymański will talk about this and other aspects of the sound of fantastic creatures.

How will he know this? Mateusz has been a Sound Designer at CD Projekt RED since 2017, as well as a musician actively operating in the niche genre of Ambient and Depressive Folklore. At work, he deals with the creation of sound for the game Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. His main occupation with Gwent is generally creating sound effects for Cards, 3D models of leaders and boards on which battles take place, but that’s not all he does. So if you want to know with what voice screams leszy, or where the sounds of monsters in games come from…. Be sure to come to Mateusz’s lecture!