Mateusz Urbanowicz (graphic / Japan)

Mateusz Urbanowicz lives in Japan, more precisely in the city of Kobe, but comes from Silesia. The Japanese government scholarship opened a wide path for this exceptional artist for a career abroad. It was in Japan that he began studying animation and comics. He graduated with honors, creating the short film “Right places”.

From 2013, he worked as a full-time Background Artist at Comix Wave Films studio in Tokyo. Mateusz, however, appreciates his development and his own artistic path very much. Therefore, in order to take care of his individual projects, he started working as a Freelancer in 2017. This resulted in the creation of the album of watercolor illustrations “Tokyo Storefronts”. The time and independence that he gained from this type of work allowed him to develop his skills towards creating comics, illustrations, animations or YouTube videos.

Mateusz Urbanowicz will tell you about working in a city with a culture that’s different from any other in the world and how to start a new life for an artist in this extraordinary country. And all this is on Focon!