Rebecca F. Kuang (writer / USA)

Rebecca F. Kuang is an American of Chinese descent. Her best-known novel is “The Poppy War”, which was ranked among the best novels of 2018 by, for example, The Time or The Guardian, and was honored with several awards. “The Poppy War” published by Fabryka Słów in 2020 is now competing for the “Book of the Year” award of the LubimyCzytac.pl portal in the “youth fantasy” category. The book is the result of Rebbeka’s studies at Georgetown University and skillfully combines the true history of 20th-century China with literary fiction.

If you want to know what inspires Rebecca F. Kuang; how her origin and knowledge of Chinese philology influence her work; what does Mao Zedong have to do with her book; when her new book will be published in Poland – you must take part in this meeting!