Wojciech Królik (graphic artist / Poland)

Wojciech Królik is an illustrator and a concept artist. Currently, together with a young indie development studio called Rock and Bushes, he is creating the game Jupiter Moons: Mecha. It will be a computer card game in which the player will play the role of a Mech pilot, i.e. a humanoid robot. Such a topic is a real challenge for a graphic designer, and the challenges and new opportunities Wojciech Królik likes the most!

He is fascinated by development and self-improvement. He is hungry for knowledge and is constantly looking for new solutions and opportunities. He graduated from Game Dev School, thanks to which he could thoroughly understand the process of creating games and learn how to create them. He took part in Bootcamp with Jort van Welbergen, a graphic designer for Marvel and HBO, among others, and in mentoring with Darek Zabrocki, a recognized Polish graphic designer working, for example, on Netflix productions. He also completed a full-time concept art course at the Canadian art school Syn Studio. Currently, he studies online all the time, and a day without creating a new piece of work is a day wasted for him.

Wojciech Królik is also a huge optimist who takes life very positively and looks for something good in every situation.

Can you imagine a better person who could tell you (and show you!) About character design in games? Because we don’t. That is why Wojtek Królik will tell you about it during Focon!