Guy Gavriel Kay (writer / Canada)

Guy Gavriel Kay entered the world of literature in a very unusual way. Before we had the opportunity to read his own work, together with Christopher Tolkien he edited J.R.R.’s Tolkien’s papers and drafts that became The Silmarillion.

Ten years later he published his first novel, “The Summer Tree” the first volume of “The Fionavar Tapestry”. By 2019, he had published a total of 14 novels, all of which widely echoed in the world of literature. He has been honoured many times with awards and nominations, and his work has been exceptionally well received all over the world, published in 30 languages, also gaining enormous popularity in Poland.

Guy Gavriel Kay uses fantasy as a tool to study the past and explore both changing and constant human attitudes. In this way, his books can touch upon topics that are present in the world around us.

For him, writing is an adventure in discovering history. Although the books he publishes are very deep and complex, he does not create their sketches beforehand, and his stories evolve in the writing. 

During Focon, we will ask Guy Gavriel Kay about his work, cooperation with Tolkien, plans for the future, but also what he thinks about the contemporary writing market and how an author’s personality is of great importance to a work that is being created.