Maria Zdybska (writer / Poland)

Maria Zdybska comes from the magical Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, lives in enchanted Krakow, but her veins run with sea water instead of blood. One of her greatest passions, apart from writing, is traveling – the further north, the better, especially since she is convinced that the phenomenon of the aurora is an irrefutable proof of the existence of magic.

Maria writes fantasy books inspired by the knowledge of mythological symbols and the interpenetration of themes common to different cultures. She is especially fascinated by the persistence and identity of motives in various cultural contexts and everything that is related to boundaries and liminality, what is “in between”, “next to” and “on the fringes”.

In 2017, she debuted with the fantasy novel “The Fog Island” published by Inanna Publishing House, thus opening the “Raven Heart” trilogy. Her next volumes are “Lake of Shadows” (2019) and “Coast of Dreams” (2020). The author has also published short stories in many anthologies, and setting the bar higher and higher, she also started publishing in English (the story “Matter of Perception” available on Amazon).