Tomasz Kamiński (writer / Poland)

Although Tomasz Kamiński was educated in environmental protection and logistics, his life plan was to become a writer. He debuted in June 2018 with the short story “Potwór z Bagien” in “Biały Kruk” magazine. His first novel – “Hunting” – was published in September 2020 by Initium. In a book review in Nowa Fantastyka, editor Agnieszka Wołka writes that the world created by the author has great potential and that she is waiting for more volumes. Although the relatively recently published book has not received many reviews yet, we can already read on the LubimyCzytan.pl portal that:

  • “Hunting” of Tomasz Kamiński is a multi-threaded story that draws the reader a lot.
  • – The Initium publishing house once again provides us with a lot of good entertainment. “Hunting” by Tomasz Kamiński is a book that does not let you tear yourself away, although it has its own small drawbacks.
  • I really got into this book and I wonder how the continuation of it will be guided.
  • Why should you read this book? For example, for the creation of the world. It seems that Mr. Kaminski made it all up for himself and left many doors to present other traits of the character, even if not in a form of full continuations then maybe as some shorter bonuses (I’m counting on it).

And although the path of a debuting author is not easy and requires a lot of work, Tomasz Kamiński is determined to further perfect his pen and win the hearts of everyone who does not know his work yet.